Leslie Taha’s cartoons have appeared in small community newspapers, college papers, and magazines throughout the U.S and Canada. Over the years they have received high acclaim from some of the biggest names in the comedy industry (click on a name below to see the actual endorsement letter). Here is the collection of nearly 500 of his very best cartoons.


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Tidbits Papers
Dean Prince - editor

"Off the charts funny Les. My readers and I thank you"


The Curry County Reporter
Matt Hall - editor

"I think your cartoons are hysterical!"


The Lamoni Iowa Chronicle
Michael Edwards - editor

".... a breath of fresh air for our readers"


The Lake Champlain Islander
Tonya L. Poutry - editor

"Quite funny"


The Holton Recorder
David Powls - editor

... good stuff! Lots of talent


The Philadelphia Free Press
Robert Christian - editor

"Really love your stuff"


The Yonkers Tribune
Hezi Aris - editor

"A refreshing sense of humor"


The Derby Informer
Jeff Cott - editor

Very innovative!


Here’s what some had said about
Leslie Taha’s cartoons

Seth MacFarlane
-Creator of "The Family Guy", "American Dad", "Ted"

"Timeless humor!"


Billy Crystal
-Actor / Comedian

"Very funny. In the tradition of Gahan Wilson!"


Louie Anderson
-Comedian / Actor / TV Host

"Loved it. Dark, disturbing, and funny"


Jeff Foxworthy
-Comedian / Actor / Author

"If you don't laugh at this....you might not have a
sense of humor!"


Jack Black

"Funny as Hell "


Charles Schulz
-Creator of “Peanuts”

“Leslie Taha has finally made clear for me a few opinions which I have been afraid to voice myself for a long time. Finally, he has drawn for us the truth about, “The Three Bears,” “Red Ridinghood.” “Frankenstein,” courtrooms, “Humpty Dumpty,” and a few doctors and lawyers.”


Dick DeBartolo
-Writer for Mad Magazine

“I laughed so much, I thought I was reading my own work! Then I realized it was SOMEONE ELSE who had written such funny stuff, and I confined my joy to broad smiling.


Tom Reeder
-Comedy writer for “Cheers”, “Night Court”, "Frazier"

“I really enjoyed it, ... in the bizarre tradition of Virgil Partch, Gary Larson, and Jerry Van Amerongen.”


Steve Allen
-Comedian and talk show host

“... a delightful and original sense of humor.”

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